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SnapMirror Network Ports

I have snapmirror traffic between two datacenters where there is a separate CDOT cluster in each datacenter.  Should I be expecting all snapmirror traffic to go over port 11104 and 11105 on the intercluster network or should I be expecting snapmirror traffic to be using ports 10565-10569?




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Ask your network team to enable 10565-10569 ports from their side. Then you need to configure inter cluster ports.

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thanks for reply - Yes - but will snapmirror use 10565-10569 once the intercluster networking is configured?  Or will it use 11104 and11105?


For example, look at this link:





Then look at this one:



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DId you get this answered. I have the same issue.

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My network team sees 11104 and 11105 - which happen to also be used by H.323.  We're rolling the dice in our Cisco WAAS configuration that optimizes the SnapMirror, if any actual H.323 hits those ports it won't be happy, but the extra WAN optimization is worth the small gamble (only 2 ports out of the 11000-11999 range specified by the standard.)