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SnapMirror Query


We are planing hourly snapmirror update from source filer FAS2040 (DC) to destination filer FAS2040 (DR) for a volume.

Our query is below.

Suppose at 11.45 AM , we come to know that there was file corruption at source (DC) and it happened at 10.30 am .
Can we revert backup to status at 10.00 am by using reverse snapmirror resyncs from DR  to DC ?

If yes, What is the procedure ?

Can we achive this by deleting snapmirror snapshot of 11.00 am from both DC and DR?

Pls guide.




Re: SnapMirror Query

Is it VSM or QSM?

Re: SnapMirror Query

it is VSM


Re: SnapMirror Query

VSM is exact mirror of source anyway. So if you update every hour, at 11:00 you will have the same corruption dated 10:30 on destination too. You can simply revert to snapshot earlier than 10:30 on source as long as you still have it.

VSM is not really intended for such sort of things. To protect against logical corruption local snapshots are just fine.

Re: SnapMirror Query

thank you for clarifying.

can you please tell me what would happen in case of QSM.

Re: SnapMirror Query

The main difference is that you can keep more snapshots on destination. But usually snapmirror is for disaster recovery (to ensure data replication); for backup snapvault is more appropriate.

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