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SnapMirror: Undeleted

Hello Together!

Every day we got following DFM event for each snapmirror releationship. Does anyone know about this event?

Event: SnapMirror: Undeleted
Source: Clustered Volume atss-naa05a:/L_CP061_D01
Severity: Information Information
About: SnapMirror Relationship
Condition: SnapMirror relationship from atss-naa04a:/L_CP061_D01 (460) to atss-naa05a:/L_CP061_D01 (517) was undeleted.
Triggered: 07 Mar 08:55
Acknowledged: No
Deleted: No

Our Infrastructure is:

DFM: 5.1

OnTap: snapmirror source: 8.1.1 7-Mode

           snapmirror destination: 8.1.2 7-Mode




Re: SnapMirror: Undeleted

Hi Rainer,

          The event basically means that a relationship which was already known to dfm and later got broken or deleted got rediscovered. Thats what it means.

To generate this event you can do the following.

  1. Create a snapmirror relationship (using either ProtMgr or BCO). 
  2. Delete the relationship using "dfdrm mirror break" and "dfdrm mirror delete". 
  3. Re-establish the relationship from the ONTAP CLI using "snapmirror initialize". 
  4. Re-discover the relationship by refreshing the source and destination host monitors. 
  5. Now, run "dfm report view events-history <dest-obj-name>" where "dest-obj-name" is destination volume or qtree name.

If you are not doing step 2 or 3 and you are encountering this event could be due to a unreliable monitoring due to network issues or SNMP timeouts between dfm and your controllers.