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SnapMirror Vs EMC Recovery Point

Hi Gurus,

First of all i am quite disappointed as to  why did netapp stop open snapmirror system  it was only form of cdp that netapp had. i just wanted to find out how do guys win against the recovery point. i think netapp snapmirror lags here

Recovery point has so many feature like crr,cdp,clr,fedrated snapshots.i would really appreciate if you could bring out some difference and how do we win against recover point


Re: SnapMirror Vs EMC Recovery Point


Do you have access to Field Portal? There is entire presentation over there, focusing on NetApp vs. EMC replication / backup in general, not just RecoverPoint:

Few bits from there re RecoverPoint specifically:

- RecoverPoint Recovery
–EMC says “days/weeks/months” of recovery points***
–Want to go back 2 hours ago?
- RP goes and figures out what disk should look like, rebuilds it on the fly and presents it to you – this takes time
- The further back in time you go, the harder RP must work
- RP Log and restore operations require high speed disk and RAID 10
- Therefore: RecoverPoint is usually used for current RPO (not weeks/months)



Re: SnapMirror Vs EMC Recovery Point

That link doesn't work. Any ideas of where else this may be, or even better, a newer comparison?

Re: SnapMirror Vs EMC Recovery Point

Yep, look like it has been moved somewhere else (or removed?).

Just type EMC on the Field Portal search & you'll get a bunch of docs.

Re: SnapMirror Vs EMC Recovery Point

Yes, that was what I did originally but I didn't find much of a direct comparison of the 2 products. We just wanted to have a good/bad comparison we could discuss with the customer.

Re: SnapMirror Vs EMC Recovery Point

This is a nice blog post:

A bit old-ish, but RecoverPoint (as far as I know) didn't change that much since.