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SnapMirror and DR test

If I break a SnapMirror relationship and present LUNs etc at the DR site, write some data but this is isolated from Production and only a test what would happen when the SnapMirror is resynced?

i.e. it's not the usual DR case where the relationship is reversed thus changes on DR reflected back to Main site.

What would happen to the changed blocks on the DR site would they be deleted given SM will resync to the last common snapshot?

Re: SnapMirror and DR test

Correct.. with the same mirror re-established the target will rollback to a common snapshot to the source then mirror forward, losing all changes done during the test and going back to the way it was.  You could also FlexClone a snapshot and keep the mirrors running then destroy the clone after testing.

Re: SnapMirror and DR test

Thanks, I've already suggested the FlexClone route but the customer wants this as close to DR as possible to test full procedures.