SnapMirror destination Backup

Hi Guy's,

As I'm very new to the NetApp devices I would like to know your suggestions/possibilities on how to implement the following scenario:

I have 2 FAS systems, each connected to the other via a WAN line. System1 is a VFiler containing alot of shared files (CIFS). Now we have a SnapMirror setup that is mirroring the whole volume to System2. System2 would take over in case of a fatal failure on System1's location.

Now as I have only 1 Tape library on System2's location and I would like to backup all the shared file, I would prefere if I could directly backup all files from the offline SnapMirror (Destination) from System2. The whole backup is managed by using ArcServe 15. Could you please give me some advices if it is possible to directly accessing the Systems2's offline SnapMirror volume to backup the files to the tape (using a Windows Agent) or if there is any other possiblities to backup the whole offline content to the tape so I do not need to backup the System1's volume through the WAN line which is apparently taking a very long time?!!

Thanks for any hints and help.



Re: SnapMirror destination Backup

You can add a share to the filer2 snapmirror destination volume and can read only access the files.

Besides that, arcserve might support the ndmp feature. ndmp will create a snapshot at the snapmirror site and will backup the snapshot and its complete content.

Re: SnapMirror destination Backup

Hi Thomas,

Thanks a lot for this information. This means I can add a share to the vFiler referring to the offline snap mirror?! Is there anywhere a usable description/howto on how to do this? I would like to try it on our system and see if I can use the ArcServe Agent for Windows to back it up through the network rather than the NMPD protocol (which I have no experience with it).

Re: SnapMirror destination Backup

NDMP will quite likely be more efficient, but you may need additional license for ARCserve. If you want to follow that path, you would need to read ARCserve documentation re how to configure NDMP backups (I don't think it will be very complicated though).

If your data within vFiler is just volumes with flat files then you add a CIFS share as for any primary system, either via FilerView / System Manager GUI, or via CLI (cifs shares -add sharename path) . You need CIFS license though on secondary.