SnapMirror replication Problem

Hi  Experts!

I am in  confusing situation right now, quick help would be highly appreciating.

I have IBM N 3300 with two site replication and snpmirror was configured by my collegue in feburuary, I took the system today and just found that the snapmirror replation was broken off since feburauary. I tried to resynch the setup but the command reverting the destination volume and abort the process

The command reults are here for your kind information.

Source = NAS2

Destination= NAS3

NAS3> snapmirror status
Snapmirror is on.
Source                Destination           State          Lag        Status
NAS2:FSVOL1           NAS3Smiley Very HappyRFVOL1          Snapmirrored   2186:10:32  Idle

NAS2> snapmirror status
Snapmirror is on.
Source                Destination           State          Lag        Statu
NAS2:FSVOL1           NAS3Smiley Very HappyRFVOL1          Source         2163:42:38  Idle

The problem is that the DR volume is utilizing the more capacity than it has allocated earlier.

/vol/DRFVOL1/           1024GB     1022GB     2043MB      (4KB) /vol/DRFVOL1/
/vol/DRFVOL1/.snapshot        0TB        0TB        0TB        0TB  /vol/DRFVOL1

The snapmirror is no more working as it is in idle status, and when I try to quiesce and break the relation to test the Destination drive status it is not showing me the partition except then the snapshot.

NAS3> snapmirror quiesce NAS3Smiley Very HappyRFVOL1
snapmirror quiesce: in progress
This can be a long-running operation. Use Control - C (^C) to interrupt.
snapmirror quiesce: DRFVOL1 :  Successfully quiesced
NAS3> snapmirror break NAS3Smiley Very HappyRFVOL1
Tue May 18 18:17:29 AST [wafl.snaprestore.revert:notice]: Reverting volume DRFVO
L1 to a previous snapshot.
snapmirror break: Destination DRFVOL1 is now writable.
Volume size is being retained for potential snapmirror resync.  If you would lik
e to grow the volume and do not expect to resync, set vol option fs_size_fixed t
o off.

There is also problem that I am not able to resynch or initialize the snapmirror relation between source and destination, see the following event details that I am recieveing right now.

NAS3> snapmirror resync -S NAS2:FSVOL1 NAS3Smiley Very HappyRFVOL1
The resync base snapshot will be: hourly.0
Are you sure you want to resync the volume? y
Tue May 18 18:19:19 AST []: SnapMirror resync o
f DRFVOL1 to NAS2:FSVOL1 is using hourly.0 as the base snapshot.
Volume DRFVOL1 will be briefly unavailable before coming back online.
Tue May 18 18:19:20 AST [wafl.snaprestore.revert:notice]: Reverting volume DRFVO
L1 to a previous snapshot.
exportfs [Line 5]: Export of local volume /vol/DRFVOL1 requires nfs license
Revert to resync base snapshot was successful.
Tue May 18 18:19:20 AST [snapmirror.dst.resync.success:notice]: SnapMirror resyn
c of DRFVOL1 to NAS2:FSVOL1 successful.
Tue May 18 18:19:21 AST [snapmirror.dst.err:error]: SnapMirror destination trans
fer from NAS2:FSVOL1 to DRFVOL1 : process was aborted.
Transfer aborted: process was aborted.

I would be appreciating if some one closely look up the issue and revert back with the correct procedures.


Furqan Ghani

Re: SnapMirror replication Problem

Hi Furqan

First allow me to clarify, we are not netapp tech support here. we are storage admins helping each other out.

Can you run the following on source AND destination volume:

df -g

snap list

snapmirror status -l

and tell us what snapmirror.log files has got for error at the time its failing. the file will be in /etc/log