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SnapMirror-to-Tape license requirement?

We are using TSM v6.2 with NDMP to backup our N-series 6040 metrocluster (Ontap 7.3.3p3).

I'm starting to consider if we should move to SM2T instead, but I can't find any reference to license requirements on Ontap side.

Is there any license requirement I should be aware of?

We don't have any snapmirror/snapvault license today.


Re: SnapMirror-to-Tape license requirement?

A SnapMirror license is not required to do SM2T. You can do a snapmirror store/use/retrieve without the SnapMirror license being enabled on the system.

Re: SnapMirror-to-Tape license requirement?

Nice, then it is definitly something to consider closer.

Could you decribe your environment? Do you also use TSM or another backup software?