SnapProtect SP9 and OSSV Agent

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we use SnapProtect with SP8 for backup of local Data on Disk to an secondary Netapp Filer. It works fine. Until SP9 was installed. From now i can´t create any snapshot or baseline copys.

We have some Servers with local Disk that also should be backuped with SnapProtect on my secondary filer. SnapProtect itself works fine with all data on Netapp Primary.

I´m not sure if it is a must have that all data for the OSSV Agent are on NetApp Filers, not on local disk.

After some minutes on status "New volume Creation: Snapshot" the jobs supend with error "Loss of control process CVSnaptool.exe"

Any Ideas ?


Re: SnapProtect SP9 and OSSV Agent


I've the same problem after upgrade to SP9. I found the same error message in the description of Simpana's SP10:

The problem appears as fixed in this update, but SnapProtect 9 SP10 doesn't exist. I recommend you to open a case with NetApp Support.

Update WinX64_9.0.0B84_45229

Required Version:9.0.0
Date:April 05, 2013
Platforms applicable:Image Level iDataAgent, Continuous Data Replicator, ProxyHost iDataAgent, Quick Recovery Agent


The following problems are fixed in this update.

  1. OSSV volume creation and update operations unexpectedly fail with error "Loss of control process CVSnapTool.exe".

List of Files

This update updates the following files.


Re: SnapProtect SP9 and OSSV Agent


thanks for your suggestion. Currently im downloading SP10 from sympana ftp server and will try to install that update on my testsystem. Tommorow we will see if it helps....From Netapp Support no answers sime some weeks...


Re: SnapProtect SP9 and OSSV Agent


currently NetApp released and update for an update. SP9b with some extra hofixes...

Download is running...