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SnapProtect & Bare Metal Restore

As other Backup solutions include Bare Metal like Netbackup, it is possible to Snapprotect do this same process? Or just Netapp OEM could not do this kind of app recovery?



Re: SnapProtect & Bare Metal Restore

to my knowledge as of now, snap protect do not support bare metal backup/recovery.

hopefully it will soon.

personally: i really dont see much use to BMR anymore specially if you are booting from SAN...!

Re: SnapProtect & Bare Metal Restore

Thaks Alaa

Re: SnapProtect & Bare Metal Restore

you are very much welcomed.

Re: SnapProtect & Bare Metal Restore

Even when booting from SAN, an implementation of BMR throught the SnapProect GUI would be very useful.

Currently, with the SnapProect Windows File Agent you can create a snapshot in the boot LUN's FlexVol but to restore it you have to perform the Volume SnapRestore manually because if the host is down the job fails because it can't communicate with the agent and if the host is up, SnapProtect fails to dismount the boot LUN.

Re: SnapProtect & Bare Metal Restore

technically that is very true. even Simpana product have a very bad BMR in comparison at least with symantec product.

i dont see commvault moving into that direction any time soon, they see there products as a pure DLM mainframe and in that sense a BMR is not really called for in a proper setup.

Re: SnapProtect & Bare Metal Restore


as far as i know, with the current SP V.10 there in no option for BMR