SnapRestore on a SnapVault-Source

Hi there

A while ago, I stupidly deleted a snapshot on a primary volume, which was the source of a mirror-backup-relation. The relation is managed by protection manager and after that, it failed.

The netapp support engineer told me to completly recreate the whole relationship, as the base snapshot is mandatory.

Last week, a network was infected by a trojan which messed up a whole share on a vfiler so I had to snaprestore the volumes. Snaprestore of course destroyed the base-snapshot on the source volume which caused the mirror-backup-relationship to fail again.

I was able to recreate the snapmirror relationship with the snapmirror resync command, but I haven't found out how to recreate the snapvault relation, it's not even visible when I enter "snapvault status" on the snapvault destination.

Do I really have to recreate the whole relationship? or is there a way to resync?

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Re: SnapRestore on a SnapVault-Source

After the snap restore it is not possible to resync. But what you could do before the snap restore is execute a snapvault updates using the snapshot that will be used by the snap restore.

Of course you have to wait for the snapvault updates to complete before you can start the snap restore.