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SnapVault Implementation


I have a system running on DOT and would like to implement SnapVault from remote site to headquarters.

I would like to ask, what information do I need to gather in order to create a successful snapvault implementation?

I know that snap delta is one of them.

Also, what parameters should I collect do determine if my network bandwidth is adequate to support the snapvault transfer?



Re: SnapVault Implementation

If you want to do nightly Snapvault sessions, work out how much your data changes from one night to the next (snap delta, like you said). Once you have an estimate of the amount of changing data you can work out how long it would take to transmit that data from one filer to another over your (presumably) WAN link. This should be a MINIMUM amount of time and is subject to how much your data changes typically. You then need to decide if that amount of time is short enough. If it takes over 24 hours, obviously no. You also need to take into account if you can run Snapvault traffic across your WAN link for the duration of the transfer and not impact anything else.



Re: SnapVault Implementation

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your reply. What I have been doing is running snap delta -v volumename nightly.0 nightly.1 for the next 7 days to get an average as to how much data will be transferred daily. I also got the current volume capacity to determine the initial baseline dataset.