SnapVault Snapshot Names

How can I have SnapVault create snapshots that use the create_time vs. the ordinal format? I have tried changing the vol option on the primary volume with no success.


Re: SnapVault Snapshot Names


That's an absolutely stellar question! I've been working on finding this out for you.

In addition to that in the event that it is not a function of its operation, I have filed a BURT on behalf of this request to get this feature supported in the future.

I'll keep you informed of it as it progresses.

One thing - is if you're looking at it from the long-term ability to manage these snapvault relationships, you should check into the Backup Manager component of Operations Manager. This can greatly improve your management of snapvaults and their relationship.

Thanks, and I'll let you know what I find out on the create_time vs ordinal front.


Re: SnapVault Snapshot Names

Hi all,

I suppose the snapshot naming conventions is a part of wafl file system. we can create manually with the name we want, but sheduled snapshots are created by wafl file system usally with names hourly.0,hourly.1..... Meanwhile the time stamp will to be there with all the snapshot to identify the creation time and date. Anyway if any inputs are available for the principal's query , it will be good