SnapVault over FC

IHAC that really prefers to leverage FC links for replication. As such the question has been raised if a PVR would be considered SnapVault using FC if raised.

Re: SnapVault over FC

I'm not the product manager -- nor do I play one on TV -- but PVR's are always "considered", per se. If the scenario is compelling enough, anything is possible.

Nevertheless, I have not seen this particular scenario supported because it is not a frequent request and when it is, there is not enough of a financial justification. Do note that a workaround for this is to use Protection Manager with preferred interfaces and QSM.

Hope that helps!


Michael L. Barrow

Field Technical Lead - TESO

Data Protection



Re: SnapVault over FC

Would you be able to provide some detail with respect to the framework that would be required to make this possible?