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Snapdrive API C-Mode



we want to run the following commands on C-Mode for example:


useradmin role add SD-non-admin -a login-*,api-lun-*,api-snapshot-*,api-iscsi-*,api-volume-*,api-snapmirror-*,api-snapvault-*,api-ems-*,api-igroup-*,api-qtree-*,api-fcp-adapter-*,api-license-*,api-system-*,api-aggr-*


as shown in this KB: --> This document describes what we are searching for on Cmode


We tried 'system node run -node -command <useradmin command, with roles and role API calls>' but this is not working.


Is there any documentation or command prefix so that we are able to use the commands above?


Kind regards