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Snapdrive Access Denied with sdcli


     Got a bit of a problem at one of our clients, we have a backup server which mounts the exchange and sql snapshots and backs them up.  Problem is that we can mount the snapshot thorugh the snapdrive gui fine but when we use a bat file to mount it via sdcli we get an almost instant access denied error.

I have:

  • checked DNS, put a host entry in the host file
  • Confirmed they are both running 6.3
  • tried different drive letters
  • Created a dummy volume and lun, mounted it on the backup server, created a snapshot, then was able to successfully mount that snapshot on the exchange server using sdcli
  • successfully mounted the snapshot created above using sdcli locally
  • Made sure there were default credentials assigned in the https protocol in snapdrive gui

so the problem seems to be mounting remote snapshots on this server, it is a windows 2003 server sp2 with all updates applied as of today.

Anyone had this problem before?


Re: Snapdrive Access Denied with sdcli

Please check if the User Account Control (UAC) is enabled. If it is enabled try to disable it (needs a reboot) and it should work fine.

Alternatively you can run the batch with domain admin rights.

Re: Snapdrive Access Denied with sdcli

Thanks tfuchs,

   unfortunately I am running the command as a domain admin,  also I dont think windows server 2003 has UAC?  I have a support case open with netapp they also suggested trying with a runas which also failed... I am continuing to troubleshoot.