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Re: Snapdrive and flexclone

Unfortunately, to connect to that lun snapdrive still needs to be able to see the volume that contains the lun - which it was not displaying. I'll try what you mentioned about snapdrive being able to create the flexclone by itself and let you know.


Re: Snapdrive and flexclone

Hello Ian,

It seems like snap drive 6 automatically uses flex clone technology to mount a LUN from a snapshot. Here is what I did

Created a manual snapshot of the volume call SQLFV1 (This volume hosts my sys and user db luns) snap name is asif_snap

Started snapdrive and clicked on connect to disk

in the volumes window expanded my volume and then expanded snapshot and then expanded asif_snap (name of the snapshot)

Clicked on the dblun (name of the lun) and completed the wizard

performed the same process for sysdb LUN

Went to filer view and manage flex clone and sure enough it created a flex clone associated with asif_snap.

I'm running snapmanager for SQL and I seem to be able to follow the same process using the snapshots create by smsql.

Hope this helps


Re: Snapdrive and flexclone

Hi. I've successfully created flexclones from Snapdrive. Very handy. Today, I attempted to try and create a flexclone and choose the LUN type as shared (Microsoft Cluster Services only). Unfortunately, that option is greyed out.

Is it not possible to create a shared cluster disk resource from a flexclone? I also tried to create the flexclone from filerview and connect via snapdrive, but got the same result.

My client has a MSCS in their DR site and was hoping to use flexclones of the replicated volumes for test/dev. So far no go in creating a flexclone LUN cluster (shared) disk resource.

Any suggestions?

Re: Snapdrive and flexclone

Are you cloning from a cluster disk to a cluster disk, or are you trying to clone a standalone disk into a cluster? The disk signatures will be brought across, and this will identify whether it's a standalone or cluster disk. I've never had to try changing it to be honest, so I'm not sure I'm afraid!

Re: Snapdrive and flexclone

I can't say I'm totally sure I'm following the issue/question....but I think this KB applies somewhat (interestingly enough it was updated yesterday).

Re: Snapdrive and flexclone

Hi Chris. It's a cluster disk. There is a SQL cluster in the production site and the cluster disk is being replicated to DR.

Re: Snapdrive and flexclone

Thanks Andrew!

Re: Snapdrive and flexclone

You definitely should be able to do this; this is how we work Exchange DR failover.

But reading the KB article (thanks for that Andrew), looks like it may be an issues with SD6. You might have to map them manually I'm afraid...

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