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Snapdrive unable to see LUNs - SCSI Initiator error in event viewer


I've just updated VM tools and noticed a problem with Snapdrive that it can no longer see the LUNs presented to the Windows OS. This also has the knock on effect of Snapmanager for SQL can no longer backup the SQL database that runs on this server.


VMware 5.1.0, 2583090

Windows 2008 R2

VM Tools version 9.0.15, build 2560490


I've removed and reinstalled Snapdrive 7.0.3 and 7.1 both exhibit the same problem.


Have a look at the following screen grabs that highlight what i've found so far



The above image if from the server with update VM Tools, notice how its missing the Virtual Center settings option.



The second image is from a server where i haven't updated VM Tools and the vCenter settings are present. This is the only difference i can find.


Like i said the only thing i know to have changed is the VM Tools.


I've uninstalled all Snapdrive tools and deleted the remaining installation folders and then rebooted. Reinstalled and the problem still remains.


Below is the error from the Event Logs



I've found a couple of articles that mention something similar but not the exact problem.


Can anyone point me in the right direction.







Re: Snapdrive unable to see LUNs - SCSI Initiator error in event viewer

Hi Jonathan,


Found any solution for your issue?