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Snaplock ONTAp 8.0


I would like to ask you for advice.

we need snaplock funcionality, but recently after upgrade to 8.0 mode-7 we learnt that this is not supported in this version.

is there anybody who can help me to decide what next:

downgrade to 7.3.4

wait till next release 8.0.1 ( at least if SnapLock is going to be supported again ?)

or is there any other option ?

thanks in advance



Re: Snaplock ONTAp 8.0

Unfortunately you will need to downgrade to Data ONTAP 7.3.4 or earlier if you want to use SnapLock.  SnapLock is not supported in the recently released 8.0.1 RC1 7-mode.

8.0.1 7-mode Release Notes

Re: Snaplock ONTAp 8.0

SnapLock will not be supported in any Data ONTAP 8.0.x release.  Support will come in the next major release for 7-Mode only.  In the interim, please use a 7.3.x release for SnapLock support.

Re: Snaplock ONTAp 8.0

Hi Peter,

I faced the same issue as my client has 8.0 and after installing the simulator 8.0 found out Snaplock is not supported.

My client is now planning to do a downgrade as they cannot wait till an 8.* version with Snaplock is available.

From an application point of view, is not much difference (I am using VB.Net and only a few API call's to get the date & time info)



Re: Snaplock ONTAp 8.0


Same issue.  Need disk encryption and snaplock.   Disk Encryption is supported on Ontap8.0 , no snaplock.  Ontap 7.3 snaplock yes,disk encryption no.  Need those features for  Law compliance.

Any known option.