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Snapmanager for exchange and snapmirror?


Here's my background info:

Exchange 2007 with SME.

1 vol with luns for exchange storage groups.

1 vol with luns for exchange logs.

Both are backed up with sme hourly (no verify) nightly (with verify) and weekly (with verify)

We want to mirror these volumes to a dr site but the amount of data (500GB for the log vol and 1.3TB for the storage group lun)

The issue I run into is if i setup and start a mirror then I no longer have my backups going until the mirror finishes which would be several days.

This is really not acceptable so I'm trying to find another way to get the data to the dr site and stand up the mirror.

I was told in the netapp fundies class that you could do a dump to a usb drive and then stand up at your dr site and mirror..  But I'm being told that you can't do that with SME...

If thats the case what is a solution..?

I can't believe netapp would go into a new customers site that wants to replace their existing SAN with a Netapp SAN and says, oh sorry mr. customer you cant have any backups while this mirror is running.....?!

Please tell me that isn't the case and I'm missing something?

thanks very much..



Re: Snapmanager for exchange and snapmirror?

Hi John,

I think you can use SnapMirror to tape for initial baseline transfer:

I don't see any reason why this wouldn't be suitable for SME environment.


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