Snapmirror CIFS shares to a new filer

First let me say this is probably a pretty dumb question but....

I am replacing a FAS250 which is hosting only CIFS shares, with a new FAS2020. The plan is to utilize the same name and IP after the data has been snapmirrored. The cleanest way to do this would be to keep the new FAS2020 out of the domain intentionally, remove the old FAS250 from the domain and then join with the new FAS2020. Is this my best plan of action or should I join the domain and change the name after the fact the data is snapmirrored? My concern is permissions changing if I join the domain after the data has been snapmirrored. Is that an issue?

Thanks in advance!

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Hmm....this is a bit of a different direction...but did you consider converting the 250 into an external shelf on the 2020? (makes the migration process much easier -- no data movement or identity change)

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That idea has crossed our mind but at the current time we are out of space and are getting pressure to get better performance right now. We purchased 12 x 300 internal, and 14 x 300 shelf extra. Plan to put them into 1 aggr and get all the CIFS shares moved over. We are actually working on a possible money back from Netapp or selling the 250 as it stands for now.

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Are your shares tied to the host name of your old filer?

If not, just create new names for your FAS2020, add to the domain, snapmirror those volumes and when you are ready to cutover, remove the alias off the FAS250 and add it to the FAS2020.

Even if the shares are tied to the hostname, you could do the same, except, after you are done snamirror the volume, you would shutdown the FAS250 and bring up the old FAS250 name as an alias on the FAS2020.

Hope this helps!

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Ah....understood. In most cases we've found the trade-in on 250's/270's is very a "have your cake and eat it too" scenario has worked out well (buy a new head with new disk, convert the 250/270 to a disk shelf and keep it around for other purposes (or possibly the same purposes.....can often expand an aggregate as well albeit with a separate RAID group).

Lots of options....I've just done multiple 250/270 --> shelf conversions in the last few months so wanted to put the option out there.

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That is actually why I asked the question. Our original plan was not to join it to the domain till after we snapmirrored. The shares are tied to the hostname of the 250 which is what I see as a problem. After your post as well as discussing with a talented NETAPP SE it is in our best interest to join the domain then during the swap over rerun the CIFS setup to change the hostname so that it is the same as the old system.

Thanks a bunch for you reply!