Snapmirror Issue

In My Environment, I have a scenerio. Suppose i have a 500 GB Volume. And current replication of 100GB snapshot is going on. In between of this replication only 50 GB data is added and after 5 minute the same 50GB data is deleted back.
So Wat it will come in my new scheduled snapshot or snap delta.

Suppose when it added it will reflect the same 50GB in snapshot that 50GB blockes (each 4k) are added, but just after some time when the pointers are removed from these blocks means blocks are free means data deleted.
So this 50GB Addition + 50GB Deletion = 100 GB New snapshot Size -------Is its true..??

Snapmirror Issue

why dont you test it on a controller? create a 100mb volume, take a snapshot, add and remove a 50mb file. take a snapshot

and compare the snapshot sizes.

<vol create volume aggr 100m>

<snap create volume snap1>

<cifs shares -add volume /vol/volume>

map the share: \\controller\volume

click and drag a file into it, delete it.

take a new snapshot:

<snap create volume snap2>

compare snapshots. 

snap delta [ vol_name [ snap ] [ snap ]]Displays the rate of change of data betweensnapshots.