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Snapmirror Mail with Snapmanager for Hyper-V


We have setup SnapManager for Hyper-V (SMHV) and everything works fine. When the snapshot is made, it automatically snapmirrors for DR.

SMHV is sending an email that the snapshot is successful or not. We also want to have a mail that the SnapMirror is successful but this is not (at the moment) possible.

Operation manager is also available in our site, but it is not the initiator of the snapmirror update and does not give me an email that it was successfully.

Can I set some ware else the email notification.



Re: Snapmirror Mail with Snapmanager for Hyper-V

SMHV does not explicitly allow sending an e-mail for SnapMirror update completion. However, SnapDrive will log events (in Windows Application event log) when the SnapMirror update has been successfully sent. So, you could configure an action to send an e-mail when this event is logged from the Event Viewer. (This functionality of sending e-mail when a particular event is logged is given by the Windows Event Viewer itself.)



Re: Snapmirror Mail with Snapmanager for Hyper-V

Hi amritad,

Thanks for your response. When te mirror is succesful initiated by SMHV is also in the mail that SMHV is sending.

But I am looking for the mirror is completed succesfully updated.


Perry van Erning