Snapmirror filer migration

I have Filer A source and Filer B destination with VSM set up.

I migrate Filer A to Filer X and at the end of the process rename Filer X to Filer A.

How do I ensure that the existing Snapmirror relationships are maintained without the need of a new base line transfer?

i.e. The Snapmirror source and destination filer names don't change but the Physical source filer does.

Snapmirror filer migration

Snapmirror filer migration

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Here you can get the tasks you should run to accomplish this mission:

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Re: Snapmirror filer migration

You need to do "snapmirror resync"; it will pick up the latest common snapshot and continue from it.

Re: Snapmirror filer migration

It works with just a snapmirror update too without a resync. Update snapmirror.conf and snapmirror.access for new names