Snapmirror for lun volumes

I wantto snapmirror my 2 TB volume whoch conatin luns to another filer . The volume is 100% full as it contains the luns . How much free space is required at the source to start the snampmirror of lun volumes ? Does starting snapmirror on lun volumes will have any impact on the source luns which are mapped on online ?

Re: Snapmirror for lun volumes

An Snapmirror based on a Snapshot. If your volume 100% full, you can't take a Snapshot for a Snapmirror.

You need enough space for the Snapshot.

The Snapmirror can create and initialized at any time.

You can create a throttle if your network is small.

Re: Snapmirror for lun volumes

Is volume really full?

Have you tried adjusting the f

Setting it to thin provisioned?

Setting dedup (does require some snap space), if only temporarily?

Deleting old snapshots, if any.

Starting a snapmirror should have no impact on source luns, they remain on-line and the SM process is transparent to the lun's client system.

It should be possible to SM a vol with very little free space, it's just slower if there's a lot of change going on.