Snapmirror questions


we are using snapmirror since a few months now and its all working well. i recently forgot the steps that are needed to copy a new volume over to our other netapp.

site a volume32 should be snapmirrored to site b

created sitea_volume32 on siteb with the same size. restricted it over the webpage.

created a new snappmirror schedule where sitea_volume32 should be going to siteb_volume32. when i press initialize i get:

SnapMirror Initialize failed : Snapmirror error: process was aborted

what am i missing ?

Re: Snapmirror questions

Hey Roland,

I am going to assume your are using flex vols and two aggrs (one at primary site, one at secondary site)

You have a volume at pri site called Roland1 10GB, you need to create a next flex vol at sec site called Roland1 10GB (This volume must be the same size or larger).

Make sure you have a snapmirror license on the box.

Make sure the snapmirror.allow file on the pri filer is updated to include the filer name at the sec site.

Make sure that the options file snapmirror.access is configured to "legacy" or the appropriate filer name as per NetApp. (Check both sites)

On the sec site box restrict the vol "restrict Roland1"

On the sec site box start the snapmirror "snapmirror initialize -S PRIFILER:Roland1 SECFILER:Roland1"

After the initialize is complete, modify and update the snapmirror.conf file on the sec site box with an entry such as:

PRIFILER:Roland1 SECFILER:Roland1 - 10 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23 * *

This will cause replication to happen 10 minutes after every other hour.

If you have an SLA which requires otherwise (hourly) snapmirror, than use the entry:

PRIFILER:Roland1 SECFILER:Roland1 - 10 * * *

Hope this helps.

Anthony Feigl

Re: Snapmirror questions

I suggest trying to initialize on the CLI to see if you get a more detailed error message.

dest> snapmirror initialize <dest_vol>

Re: Snapmirror questions

Yes CLI would give a better log. Also you can verify your SnapMirror log file for more information.

Basic issue could be SnapMirror misconfigured

1) Source Volume access permission is not set properly

2) Source volume and the mirror volume must be of the same volume type (flexvol->flexvol or tradvol->tradvol)

3) Just make sure that your destination filer has and equal to or later version of Data Ontap otherwise they won't be able to replicate