Snapmirror rehoming

I have a customer that needs to use SnapMirror to transfer 15TB over an IPSEC tunnel via the Internet. They have a 100MB pipe.

I believe this is going to take 10's of days to complete.

Can I do the following:

Place a temporary NetApp on the Primary site and SnapMirror the data to the temporary NetApp

Once it's all synced, move the temporary NetApp to the DR site and Snapmirror to the DR FAS

Once thats all Synced then change the relationship from the Primary Site to point to the DR Site data.

However I'm not sure of the commands etc to do this or whether in fact the process is correct?

Can anyone advise?

Could I also use the temp destination as a vFiler and simply vFiler migrate to the DR Box then everything should kick in if Routing / DNS are correct?

Re: Snapmirror rehoming

Yes, you can do it using volume SnapMirror .

Re: Snapmirror rehoming

Yes, you should be able to do both of these if you have a spare filer+storage.

Re: Snapmirror rehoming

Hi - In short yes - You can use a temp/spare/loan NetApp, snapmirror the data to it, then when ready, shut it down, move to the DR site and the snapmirror to the DR Filer.

Things to bear in mind:

- Snapmirror schedules - if you want to re-establish the relationship from Source to Destination, you will need a common snapshot in the snap list. Point being is that if a volume snapshots are only kept 3 days (for example) and it takes 3 days to get the unit in and DR updated, you my loose the common snap, so a resync wouldnt work. If you keep em for a month you will be fine.

- Check your WAN link etc (if its a new circuit) and sort any issues with this first, so you know replication works. Test Drive with a small test volume first.

- Alternatively, you could install the loan NetApp at DR and re-establish replication from the source to the loan unit quickly. Once these are updated and resynced, cascade the snapmirrors from the loan unit to the DR unit. (local site Volume Snapmirror). When the baselines have completed, break the replication between the Loan & DR and reconfigure snapmirror to use the Source NetApp and the DR NetApp (Reconfigure snapmirror.conf). Resync the volumes and replication should continue as normal.

when finished shutdown your loan unit.