Snapmirror relationship broken after volume rollback

Hi all,

I recently ran a rollback (snap restore) on a volume to fix a corruption issue, however I noticed this broke the snapmirror that was in place for this volume.

Running snapmirror status -l against the target returns :

(irrelevant bits stripped out)

Status:                 Pending

Current Transfer Error:     incremental update not possible; a resync or initialize is necessary

So I ran a resync command against the affected target, and got:

"no common snapshot to use as the base for resynchronization, Aborting resync"

So that leaves me with an 'initialise' I believe. What i'm unsure of here, is the correct procedure for initialising an existing (but broken) snapmirror volume.

Can someone guide me through the correct steps as i havn't done this before.


Re: Snapmirror relationship broken after volume rollback

I'd first check the source volume for any sign of a snapmirror snapshot using the 'snap list' command.  Or check the destinations listed on the source.  srcfiler> snapmirror destinations

If there is no snapmirrror snapshot that exists, you should be able to simply initialize on the destination given the relationship is defined in your snapmirror.conf file.  Otherwise, you'll need the extra flags parameters.

First restrict the VSM destination volume in question.

> vol restrict <volume>

> snapmirror initialize <dstpath>

OR the following if not defined in snapmirror.conf

> snapmirror initialize -S <srcfiler>:<srcpath> <dstpath>