Snapmirror reports

I have a client who wants a daily backup report for Snapmirrors/vaults

In the past I have written powershell scripts to parse the snapmirror status command and look for lags over x hours etc.

Does the OnCommand suite provide any backup reporting to meet this requirement? It would need to be a daily email for compliance purposes.

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I think you can build a custom Report using OCUM or with OC Report and can send it via email.

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Certainly… have a look at the capabilities of the OnCommand management suite (download oncommand host or core from that will give you full reports of your SnapMirrro jobs…

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Per paulstringfellow's response, OpsMgr has both canned reports (under the Data Protection category) as well as the ability to create a custom report based on "SnapMirrorRelationship" attributes.  I lean towards the custom report in that I can generate a very simple report with "source" "destination" "lag" "state" and "status" which at a glances tells you what mirror relationships are out of whack.  The Data Protection reports will give you the vault relationship information.

We rely upon a custom report just to make sure that everything that should be mirrored is and also to make sure we don't have any old/broken snapmirror relationships that are cluttering up our event logs.  All reports can be scheduled/emailed..

Good luck!


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I am new to OPs manager . guide me the way to reach data production category

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