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Snapmirror snapshot size

I am a new Netapp user so this may seem elementary. I have a number of snapmirrors setup and running fine. The problem is that on occasion some of the jobs run very long and into our business day impacting our WAN traffic. I would like to know how I can determine the amount of data in the snapshot that the job is transferring and what % it has already completed. I am using powershell DataOnTap to get most info currently. I can see how many bytes it has tranferred so far in the job (TransferProgress) but I cannot see how many bytes in total it is trying to transfer.


Re: Snapmirror snapshot size

You could run "snap delta" and you can specify a volume name and the 2 snapshot names (snapmirror snapshots) to see the size of the snaps.  You can run snapmirror status [-l] to see the amount of data transferred.  There is also snapmirror compression which you can enable on the target snapmirror.conf system..with ONTAP 7.3 or higher.

Re: Snapmirror snapshot size

That worked out great! Thank you. I am using the following powershell command:

Get-NaSnapshotDelta VOLUME Snapshot_Name

Unfortunatly it appears we are on  "NetApp Release Wed Dec 10 21:26:02 PST 2008"... what is the proceedure to upgrade to 7.3? Are there any gotchas?

Re: Snapmirror snapshot size

The key thing to get to 7.3 is to make sure you have 3% free aggregate space.  Run the upgrade advisor from myautosupport and it gives a nice procedure including the NDU upgrade if you qualify to non-disruptive upgrade.  Basically extract the image, download, run firmware updates, then reboot or cf takeover/giveback.  Sometimes there is newer disk, shelf, controller firmware than included in the ONTAP image so we check that too to also update usually prior to the ONTAP update (controller while the node is down or taken over).

Re: Snapmirror snapshot size

On the NOW site... Downloads > Utility Tool Chest > SnapMirror Progress Monitor