Snapmirror throttle

Hi Guys,

System model: FAS2040

ONATP 8.1.2P4 7-mode

In our filer we got number of snapmirrors transferring data to our DR filer. Currently we having Bandwidth issues as these snapmirrors transferring large amount of data and utilising full bandwidth.

I have done little bit research and found that we can throttle the bandwidth on individual snapmirror level as well as system level.

I am interested on system level restriction and ran the below commands on source filer to restrict out going traffic

>options replication.throttle.enable on

>options replication.throttle.outgoing.max_kbs 20480

BUT when I check our bandwidth monitoring tool it still showing around 45mbps (outgoing) bandwidth utilisation by Netapp snapmirror traffic, its more than 4 hours now and still no change in bandwidth utilisation.

I have double check the current settings in filer and its showing above values...

So I am wondering do we need to do additional settings to apply throttle restrictions ? or require to stop snapmirrors when i execute above commands

Your help will be much appreciated .

Thank you

Re: Snapmirror throttle


You can edit the snapmirror.conf file and setup a maximum update speed for each relation like the example below which limit the speed to 2000 kilobytes per second:

systemA:vol0 systemB:vol0 kbs=2000 - - - - (manual snapmirror update limited to 2000 kb/s)

Re: Snapmirror throttle


a DS3 is 45M, measured in bits, and the snapmirror is measured in bytes.  You will need to divide by 8 to get what you want.  So, for a 20M of traffic, set it to 2560.