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Snapmirror to Snapvault

Hi. Currently we have volume SnapMirror and SnapVault backups from the same source filers to two different R200 destinations, one mirror and one vault.  I'm in the process of removing both of these backup methods in favour of a single SnapVault destination.  This new filer will be on the same network as the current SnapMirror destination.

Ideally I don't want to have to rebasline all the data from source to the new filer and it’s not an option to SnapMirror the data over the current vault destination due to the size of the vaults.

Therefore as on the same network I would like to use the current mirror destination as a base for the new SnapVault by snapmirroring its across to the new filer breaking it and somehow using the 'common' vault snapshot to modify the SnapVault relationship.

All my testing currently has proved fruitless with a constant reminder to do a SnapVault start -S (which I believe will do a full qtree transfer).

I'd be very grateful if anyone has any ideas.



Snapmirror to Snapvault

I never tried it myself in your scenario but check the following KB article:

It describes how to move a primary volume to a new location. In your case your kind of "move" the snapmirror destination to your primary filer.

Start with creating a common snapshot on the source volume and update the volume snapmirror destination.

Start the snapvault base line and after the initial transfer execute a snapvault update specifying the common snapshot to be used.

Modify the snapvault relationship so it will use it your source filer and start a resync.

Snapmirror to Snapvault

thanks Pascal. I'm not sure I've best explained what i require.

Basically in its simplest form I need to turn a snapmirror destination volume into the new snapvault destination without having to rebasline over the dataset from source to destination.

Snapmirror to Snapvault

As I read it you want to use the snapmirror destination as the source for a new snapvault destination volume and then change to your snapmirror source as the new source. I think this will work as I described.

Snapmirror to Snapvault

Thanks Pascal, your were correct it works.