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Snapmirror v Snapvault

I am trying to understand snapvault and snapmirror, and what their differences are and in what scenario would they be used over the other.  We used snapmirror via filerview and for snapvault we use via data fabric manager.  Can anyone advise on the differences between the 2 , and when should one be used over the other.   Also on what software they can be setup.



Re: Snapmirror v Snapvault

Most of the time SnapMirror is used for Disaster Recovery and SnapVault is used for backup.  Both can be managed from Protection Manager (NMC plugin to the data fabric manager/opsmgr/oncommand).  If you want to be able to failover the source volume or qtree then use snapmirror and if you want to keep a longer retention or backup of source snapshots on a target then use snapvault.  There are other use cases but that covers the basic use at most sites we see.

Re: Snapmirror v Snapvault

I guess a thing to be clear about with SnapVault is that the application backup tools (SnapManager, SnapCreator, VMware VSC etc) generate regular snapshots rather than SV snapshots. This seems to imply that it's not possible to have application-consistent backups using SV.

I guess there is a formula by which SV snapshots can be derived from regular snapshots (eg by having SV snap the "_latest" snapshot) but I've not seen it in use.

Re: Snapmirror v Snapvault

Some snapmanager products support snap vault. I wish it was more consistent where all did. Smvi/vsc support would be nice. The sv-smvi script works well but still another script.