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Snapshot Delta by Qtree?

I've got a volume with a very high snapshot delta, ~10%-30% per day. The volume contains 6 Qtrees. Is it possible to see which Qtree is the cause of the high change rate?


Re: Snapshot Delta by Qtree?

Not easily... snap delta is based on the entire volume.  You could set null qtree quotas  with "- - - -" in /etc/quotas then enable quotas.. quota report will then report sizes of qtrees, but not of snapshots.  You could also run qtree snapmirrors and see the update size of each then easily see the size of the update - but that is brute force and likely not feasible.

Another idea with FlexVols...create a separate volume for each qtree (might not help for dedup results with separation but if not running dedup separate volumes can still run on the same aggr spindles)...but if users mount at the top level and down into the qtrees, separating may not work for you.

Anyone else know of a way to delta a qtree?