Snapshot Details - Snapshot Space Reclaimable

Is there anyway to get run the Snapshot Space reclaimable feature via CLI or API ?

Re: Snapshot Details - Snapshot Space Reclaimable

On the command line there is the 'snap reclaimable' command.

'snap reclaimable volname snapname snapname snapname'

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Re: Snapshot Details - Snapshot Space Reclaimable

Hi Rich,

     We have both CLI and API to do it.

Below is the cli.

[root@lnx ~]# dfpm dataset snapshot reclaimable help

     reclaimable -- compute space reclaimable from deleting snapshots in a volume

     dfpm dataset snapshot reclaimable <volume-name-or-id> <snapshot-name-or-id>
         [ <snapshot-name-or-id> ... ]

     Compute space that can be reclaimed if the specified
     set of snapshots are deleted from the given volume.

[root@lnx ~]#  dfpm dataset snapshot reclaimable 1615 21050 hourly.2
Approximately 457868KB will be reclaimed by deleting these Snapshot copies.


PS: Though its a dfpm cli its not necessary that the volume has to be a member of a dataset.

The corresponding is the API.