Snapshot Utilisation in Comparison to Volume Utilisaiton


This should be a simple query but I can't figure out for the life of me how to resolve it;

If you look at a space breakout graph the Snapshot utilisation is tracked and expressed as a (GB/MB) value and as a % of space on the overall volume; Now I can get this information by drilling down into the volume but what I really want is a capability to run this across all my volumes (ie, show me the volume size, utilisaiton, snapshot size and utilisation and a % of utilsiaiton of snapshot v the overall volume)

Checked custom reports and various canned reports and I cannot see this info without drilling down into each specific volume (which is not useable); Any ideas on how I can get the data I am after (which I would assume is a fundamental thing anyone running snapshots would want to view ?)


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Re: Snapshot Utilisation in Comparison to Volume Utilisaiton

Have you tried running a custom report with 'SnapReserve' as the Base Catalog? From there you'll get the snapshot used%, free, etc parameters, plus you can then expand the catalog down to include Volume attributes. I just ran a quick test and it seems like that would be what you are looking for.

Re: Snapshot Utilisation in Comparison to Volume Utilisaiton

This gets you very close... as the snapshot utilisaition is recorded here but not expressed as a percentage of the whole volume (only as a percentage of snapshot reservation utilsied) and if no snapshot reserve is set then it's always 0%... I thinkt he only way to do it is to perform your own calculation using the custom report to give the snapshot.used space field and the volume capacity from the volume catalog, export the variables and perform your own calculation.