Snapshot in use, and cannot delete

I am trying to delete a snapshot, but getting following message:

Error: command failed: Snapshot is in use


I used the option: -ignore-owners true -force true

still the same error.


No Snapmirror, snapvault or clone associaetd with the volume


Any idea how to delete it?

Re: Snapshot in use, and cannot delete

might be busy snapshot issue

check this




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Re: Snapshot in use, and cannot delete

hello, have you resolve the issue? i have the same problem too,

Re: Snapshot in use, and cannot delete

We are still having the same problem too. Have tried to force delete the snaps with no sucess. Any further help appreciated.


::*> snap delete -vserver tur-nas1 -volume tur_nas1_streamv19_content -snapshot SP_2_1213666_7626_1460597749 -foreground true -force true -ignore-owners true

Error: command failed: Snapshot copy "SP_2_1213666_7626_1460597749" of volume "tur_nas1_streamv19_content" on Vserver "tur-nas1" has not expired or is locked. Use the "snapshot show -fields owners, expiry-time" command to view
the expiry and lock status of the Snapshot copy.



::*> snapshot show -fields owners,expiry-time -vserver tur-nas1 -volume tur_nas1_streamv19_content
vserver volume snapshot owners expiry-time
-------- -------------------------- ---------------------------- -------------- -----------
tur-nas1 tur_nas1_streamv19_content SP_2_1213666_7626_1460597749 "volume clone" -
tur-nas1 tur_nas1_streamv19_content test_snapshot_ian - -
tur-nas1 tur_nas1_streamv19_content snapmirror.02422c1b-4daf-11e4-8a7c-123478563412_2147484763.2018-02-28_143000