Snapshot limit of 255 and snaps of a SnapInfo LUN

Hi Everyone,

I've been asking around in various forums regarding this issue but as of yet have no solution:

- SMSQL is not deleting snaps of the SnapInfo LUN that it takes when performing transaction log backups.

I am running hourly transaction log backups + 1 daily = 24 snapshots per day.

Because the snapshots of the snapinfo LUN are not getting cleared off my filer I always hit the 255 limit or my vol fills up & then backups fail.

The below option in SMSQL doesn't seem to work - even when I untick the "create snapshot of SnapIndo drive" it still creates a snapshot after every hourly backup:


Finally I have tried the following variations on my SQL commands:

-retainSnapofSnapInfoDays 5 (doesn't work).

-rtsifsnadays 5 (short version. Also doesnt work).

-rtsifsnap 125 (forget dates, simply keep only 125 snapshots of the LUN. This is also ignored.)

Re: Snapshot limit of 255 and snaps of a SnapInfo LUN

Problem solved.

There is a SP2 update for SMSQL which isn't available yet on the NOW download site, but which solves this issue:

There's another thread on this issue which discusses it further: