Snapshot stops working


I have a FAS2552 storage with OnTAP 8.2.2P1 7-mode and the snapshot policy is set to

"snap sched volx 0 1 0" on most volumes, so I have a nightly.0 snapshot every night


On 3 specific volumes, It runs one time and then changes the values to 0,

with the "Enable scheduled Snapshot Copies" options still active, which is manually not possible:




so, I have to reschedule it every day!

I found no differences to the other volumes,

I tried other settings like "snap sched volx 0 2 3@12,13,14,15"

and after all snapshots were created ONCE, it turned back to 0 0 0 with the "Enable scheduled Snapshot Copies" options still active!!


Any ideas or advises are welcome. 

Thanks in advance,


Re: Snapshot stops working



have you looked on the ems/messages logs on the time it happening?

what does "snap sched" show before and after?



Re: Snapshot stops working

Hi Gidi,

I will check this tonight and tell you about it.