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Snapshots as Previous Versions Windows LUN

Hello and thanks in advance for your attention.

I am wondering if it is possible to present the snapshots created on a LUN to that server's previous versions tab? Similar to how it works in CIFS.

I have a VM hosted by ESX 4.1, with a VMDK on an iSCSI datastore. Is there any way I can present the snapshots as "Previous Versions"? I am not glued to iSCSI/VMFS, if this is possible with NFS I am open to suggestions. If this is possible in anyway I am interested.

I want to be able to share folders on this LUN and have specific users with access to restore. So I don't have to do it myself, or create a LUN just for shadow copies. Plus, MS is limited to 64 versions where Netapp can have 255.

Thank you

Snapshots as Previous Versions Windows LUN

Sent this off to my consultant, this is not possible.