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Snapvault Configuration Info

Hi guys,


Can anyone you help me with these values?




Describes the elements of the snapvault configuration entry.





The   primary path that will be used as the source for this relationship as well as   for baseline transfer. This can be either in UTF8 or ASCII/extended ASCII   depending on whether or not 'is-primary-path-utf8-encoded' flag is set. If   option 'is-primary-path-utf8-encoded' is not specified, then the primary-path   considered as in ASCII/extended ASCII.




The   primary system for this relationship as well as for the baseline transfer.   This input will be used by the secondary system to establish contact with the   primary. Therefore this input is expected to be a hostname that the primary   can resolve.




The   secondary path that will be used as destination for this relationship as well   as baseline transfer. The secondary path will be created during the baseline   transfer and hence it must not exist when issuing this request.


I’m trying to understand what these parameters should contain. But I didn’t figure out yet.


Do you have any guess? And an example, will be, also great.





Re: Snapvault Configuration Info

Julio -

Primary system - The filer with the data you're backing up with SnapVault.

Primary Path - The Qtree or directory you're backing up - /vol/myvolume/myqtree.

Secondary Path - The Qtree you want to use for your SnapVault backups.

Example (On the secondary):

snapvault start -r -S primary:/vol/myvolume/myqtree /vol/svvolume/myqtree

See the man page for snapvault:

I hope this response has been helpful to you.

At your service,

Eugene Kashpureff
NetAppU Instructor and Independent Consultant
(P.S. I appreciate points for helpful or correct answers.)

Re: Snapvault Configuration Info

Hi Eugene, thanks for the reply.

I got your point... but can I use the same format as for snapmirrors?

  • "snapmirror-initialize" -> "source-location" -> "<filer>:<volume>"

assuming that:

  • source "<filer>" - Primary system

  • source "<volume>" - Primary Path

  • destination "<volume>" - Secondary Path

As I don't know if I will have a lun or a share inside it... so I will copy the whole volume.

Another problem I'm having is for the snapvault-schedules. I'm getting the following error:

  • "Unexpected type name: volume-name"

for the below parameter:

  • "snapvault-primary-set-snapshot-schedule" -> "snapshot-schedule" -> "volume-name" (The primary volume for which this schedule has been  configured) -> "testRemote"

  • <results status="passed">

Thanks all.

Re: Snapvault Configuration Info

Just one more question... if anyone can find the problem:

  • <snapvault-secondary-create-relationship>

I'm sending the command above... and getting the same error as in the schedules:

  • "Unexpected type name: primary-path"

Cannot find where I'm doing anything wrong.

Re: Snapvault Configuration Info

rle Netapp Alumni

Try this:

   - Rick -

Re: Snapvault Configuration Info

Thanks Rick,

it worked... at least now I'm throwing another error.

  • "Snapshot creation aborted: snapshot target not  configured."

Not sure what the API is telling me... going to investigate tomorrow, as I'm done for today.

Re: Snapvault Configuration Info

rle Netapp Alumni

The way to implement the XML is to place the XML in a file and execute apitest accordingly:

apitest -I filer user passwd < xml_file

   - Rick -