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Snapvault Stopped Replicating

We have a few jobs that  replcate to our DR site.  some are snapvault and some are snapmirror.  I just noticed that one of my snapvault volumes has a lag time of 4000 hours (not good) and when i try to run the updtate command i get the following error mnessage. "Transfer aborted: base snapshot for transfer no longer exists on the source."   I get the message but not sure what snapshot it's looking for.  Doesn't appear that any snapshots are gone.  Can anyone tell me my options?  Do i have to start that volume over from scratch and reseed the entire volume?  Please say NO...please?  Any help is appreciated.  I'm still in the beggining stages of using Netapp.  thanks in advance!



Re: Snapvault Stopped Replicating

Hi Perry,

Have you recently (4000 hours) restored this volume or migrated the primary volume to a new volume? Then you could use "snapvault start -r -S <primary> <secondary> " from your Vault-Filer.

I had to do this 2 weeks ago:

vault> snapvault start -r -S sto001:/vol/san_esxi_boot_01/esxsrv002 /vol/sv_esxi_boot/esxsrv002

The resync base snapshot will be: vault(0151755095)_sv_esxi_boot-base.22

Resync may alter the data in this qtree.

Are you sure you want to resync the qtree? y

Tue Mar 13 12:53:57 CET [replication.dst.resynTue Marc.success:notice]: SnapVault resync of /vol/sv_esxi_boot/esxsrv002 to sto001:/vol/san_esxi_boot_01/esxsrv002 was successful.

13 12:53:57 CET [replication.dst.resync.success:notice]: SnapVault resync of /vol/sv_esxi_boot/esxsrv002 to sto001:/vol/san_esxi_boot_01/esxsrv002 was successful.

Transfer started.

Monitor progress with 'snapvault status' or the snapmirror log.


Re: Snapvault Stopped Replicating

That answer is no.  I have a number of snapvault jobs that have been replicating for about a year now and this is teh only volume that has this issue.  When i look at the DR filer, and look at "previous version" of any folders that i have there i can see folders from yesterday all the way back to feb of last year.  So i'm a bit confused about this.  Is it working or is it not?  What do you think??  Thanks for the reply