Snapvault Volume to Volume backup

Hi ,

i have fas2040 dual controller san01 has sas disk shelfs and san02 has sata disk shelfs. i have snap vault primary and secondary license

i need to move snapshots from sas to sata. all the volumes contain Luns mapped to ESX servers and not qtrees.

Need your help in configuring this

Thanks in advance

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Re: Snapvault Volume to Volume backup

You can snapvault non-qtree data in a volume:

> snapvault start -S prim_system:/vol/vol_name/- /vol/vol_name/qtree_name

See also the manuals:

The downside of putting your LUNs outside qtrees is that you need to backup all LUNs to same snapvault destination volume and qtree and therefore can't split the data over multiple volumes, with each it's own snapvault schedule, and aggregates on the destination. If you want to be flexible on the snapvault destination side you should move the LUNs to their own qtree. You can non-disruptively move LUNs to a qtree in the same volume with the "lun move" command.