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Snapvault / backup issue

Hi all,

Can someone please help me with the below issue?!

Situation is the following:

There is a 3140 cluster (snapvault primary) and a 2040 system (snapvault secondary). Volumes are snapvaulted from the 3140 to the 2040.

Commvault backup software is then backing up data from Snapvault secondary to tape.

When I try to restore a LUN from tape to the Snapvault secondary. I see there is data in the volume (260GB) when I share the qtree I see a .lun file of 260GB.

However the data is not recoqnized as a LUN. When I use the "lun show" doesn't show up.

Am I missing something here.....did I forget something?!

Thanks for your reactions....

Kind regards,


Snapvault / backup issue

Hi Rob,

Have you seen this?



Snapvault / backup issue

Hi Radek,

Thanks for the quick reply! This must be the solution.... I am not able to try this untill after coming weekend.

I will let you know how it works out!

Thanks again!