Snapvault over FC

Hi guys we got a couple of clustered FAS 6040 which have a fibre card installed for snapmirror replication over FC, which works great.

But we also have the desire to have our snapvault traffic to also go over the FC but I can not for the life of me locate any information on

how to do that. We are running data-ontap because we are using netbackup integration with SV to schedule the backups. Any informatin

would be helpful.


Re: Snapvault over FC

Sorry, SnapVault is not supported over Fibre Channel.

Re: Snapvault over FC

So there is absolutely no way to get SV traffic to go via the X1124 Fibre Channel NIC adapters?

Re: Snapvault over FC

You might be able to add connection entries in snapmirror.conf and use these, or specify the hostnames associated with the FC NIC IP, but if it works it'd be something that is neither tested nor supported by NetApp. NetApp does however have a PVR (product variance request) process whereby support can be requested for non-standard configurations.  Contact your local NetApp representative if you'd like to submit a PVR.