Snapvault stuck in retry


Whilst I have found some info on this in the Snapvault best practice guide it doesnt quite tell me exactly how to fix it.

On our secondary (target) sotrage system, the snapvault destination, we are seeing this for one of our snapvaults:

Current Transfer Error: destination requested snapshot that does not exist on the source

Could someone provide me with the detail\commands to resolve this issue, I understand I may need to recreate the SV on the source but I was wondering if I could execute a command to create a new baseline snapshot for the snapvault to start working again.

Apologies for my SV newbie knowledge.


Re: Snapvault stuck in retry

Just an update to this, a snapvault stop and start again doesn't work either.  It had created a new baseline snap but still comes up with the same error after a scheduled snapvault.   Still hunting for a solution.