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Snapvaulted Snapinfo volume needs a resize


Not sure if i post in the right place, but here we go.

I have an WIndows 2008 machine with SQL 2008. One of the connected disks is a netapp volume/qtree/lun with 3 GB space for snapinfo. This snapvaulted volume needs to be resized (and thus, the lun on the secundary filer too. How would i do this? (pr=fas 2040, sec=fas 2020. I use protection manager.


Re: Snapvaulted Snapinfo volume needs a resize

SnapVault isn't like VSM where the destination volume MUST be resized before the source but I would do it this way just for simplicity:

Resize the secondary volume.

Resize the primary volume.

Resize the LUN in the primary volume, the change will be replicated to secondary via SnapVault.