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Splitting a disk shelf loop into two

Hi all

What's the best way to split an existing FC disk loop into two separate loops? I currently have a system with a loop consisting of three DS14mk4 shelves and I want to split shelf 3 off into its own loop, change it to shelf 1 and then add more shelves to it.

The procedure I am planning to use is:

During a maintenance outage window while the storage system is shut down, remove shelf 3 from the loop.

Connect shelf 2 to the storage controllers - move the cables that were attaching shelf 3 to the stroage controllers to shelf 2.

Change the shelf ID on shelf 3 to 1

Connect the new shelf 1 to new initiator ports on the storage controllers.

Power on all the controllers and see how it looks.

Am I missing anything here? Is there a better way to do it?



Re: Splitting a disk shelf loop into two

The only other steps I would add is to disable the cluster before power down (if clustered) and boot to maintenance mode to check your aggr's before booting up all the way.


Re: Splitting a disk shelf loop into two

Thanks Rich, it worked fine. If I could figure out how to mark this question as answered I would