Stats on deduplication


I would like to know if it's possible to have a ratio of deduplication in command line (or with filer) for all aggregats ? (or for only one)

I see this statistics on DataDomain and i think it's interisting.

DataOntap : 7.3.2 fas 3170

Thank you for your answers.


Stats on deduplication

From the command line of the filer df -s will give you used, saved and %saved per volume for that filer

Hopefully that is what you are looking for

Stats on deduplication

Thank you for your answer.

The man of df -s :

The disk space savings generated by the  shared  space  is

       shown  in the saved column.  The space used plus the space

       saved would be the total disk space usage, if no space was

       shared.   The  %saved  is  calculated  as [saved / (used +


Stats on deduplication

If I add the percentage of all I would get the ratio of total volume?

/vol/VOL_3/   77029740   23178068          23%

/vol/VOL_2/  185976036   70672132          28%

/vol/VOL_1/   11541632     426920           4%

/vol/VOL/  130128540  376372240          74%

(23 + 28 +4 + 74 ) / 4 = 32,25

it's correct ?

Stats on deduplication

Hi there,

Have you got DFM? Im convinced you can get the answer easily from within DFM. If not you I d use excel to do this in your place.



Stats on deduplication

I just want be sure that the method is good to have the total deduplication ratio for all volume.

After this, to use excel or a script shell it's easy.