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Storage Beginner Question

I am using FAS2020 with VMWare.  I have a Virtual Machine with many snapshots and want to delete it.  Is it better to remove this in the storage?  If so,   how do I remove both the VM and its associated snap shots?

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If you mean VMware Snapshots, then you can simply delete the virtual machine.

The snapshots associated with the virtual machine will then be deleted also.

But, if you mean the snapshots on the storage, created by SMVI or by the storage itself then they will still exist after deleting the virtual machine.

The easiest way is to delete them by using system manager.

In system manager you can select the volume that stored the virtual machine.

After selecting the volume, you can delete the snapshots, they are listed below the volume list.

Select the snapshots and press delete.

Keep in mind that if there are other virtual machines living on that volume(or on the lun in that volume), also the snapshots for those virtual machines is then deleted.

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Ok, thanks. I was going to delete from disk this Virtual Machine.  Although I think there are also snapshots from SMVI backup software.  

Re: Storage Beginner Question

In that case, let SMVI remove the snapshots.

I gues there are some retention rules on the back-ups, so the snapshots will dissapear after a short time.